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downtown coolsville

population: us

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  • harshwhimsy
Your name is JOHN, but people call you JOHN. You have a variety of INTERESTS. These include WATCHING TERRIBLE TELEVISION SHOWS such as the cancelled show HEROES and reading ONLINE COMICS such as the comic known as HOMESTUCK which you are BLATANTLY RIPPING OFF RIGHT NOW. You like to listen to MUSIC by OBSCURE BANDS because you are a FUCKING DIRTY HIPSTER. You also like DRAWING. You like to play GAMES such as POKEMON and those found NEOPETS.COM where you spend a lot of time and are PRETTY FUCKING SERIOUS ABOUT. You also enjoy BLOGGING although you understand NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about your DROPOUT LIFE.

Your chumhandle is sexualNarcissist and you speak in a manner that implies you dont fuckin understand what the fuck english really is and that you don't give a shit about social etiquette. You blame this on the fact you are from SCOTLAND and nobody there can SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH.